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Week 4 - Refer Popwork and get rewarded ❤️

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Shared by Florian • January 30, 2023

A lot of managers signing up to Popwork with their team simply come from word of mouth from enthusiastic users. We love it and would like to encourage it even further!

That is why we are introducing a simple way for subscribed users to refer Popwork around them and get rewarded for it.

Go to and share your referral link with managers around you in one click. You will both receive a 25€ gift card for every referred manager who subscribes to Popwork!

Other improvements:

  • Fixed counting issue on the number of check-ins completed
  • Reduced the loading time after the sign-up page

If you’d like to know what we’re building next, check our product roadmap.

The Popwork team 🤟