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Week 21 - Receive Popwork notifications in Slack ⚡️

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Shared by Florian • June 01, 2023

We have just released one of our most requested features! Now, you can receive Popwork notifications in Slack, and disable email notifications if you like.

To connect Slack go to Settings > Integrations and click on “Connect”. Then go to Settings > Notifications to choose your notifications preferences.

This Slack integration is the first step towards better notifications and alerting. We would love to hear your feedback!

We are also planning to integrate Popwork with Teams in the coming months to offer the same feature to our Microsoft users.

Stay tuned, as we are currently finalizing another important integration: Google Calendar!

Other improvements:

  • Fixed a visual bug in the feedback section
  • Homogenized menu icons across the app
  • Automatically remove empty lines when saving answers or feedbacks
  • Improved header of my profile settings page
  • Allow team members to edit answers even after it was read by their manager, marking answers as “(edited)”
  • Other small visual improvements

If you’d like to know what we’re building next, check our product roadmap.

The Popwork team 🤟