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Week 30 - New ritual to reflect regularly on objectives 🎯

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Shared by Florian • July 28, 2023

We've just improved the Objectives module on Popwork to give you more flexibility and make objectives tracking easier!

Say goodbye to objectives that are defined at the beginning of the period and then forgotten! With this new stand-alone ritual to reflect on objectives’ status, teams increase significantly their chances of achieving them.

It’s super simple to get started:

  1. Define clear objectives for each team member
  2. Set the status update frequency (quarterly, monthly, weekly, …)
  3. Plan the first review date soon
  4. Discuss and monitor the progress made (achieved, on track, behind, at risk, …) and repeat!

Other improvements:

  • Reworked how the rituals are ordered and displayed to make it simpler for team member and manager find which ritual should be completed or reviewed
  • Fixed an issue when adding a team member and syncing it immediately with Google Calendar
  • Improved how ritual reminders work and now vary upon the ritual’s frequency (eg. on a ‘quarterly’ frequency team members will be reminded two weeks before whereas on a ‘weekly’ frequency this will be only one day before)

If you’d like to know what we’re building next, check our product roadmap.

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