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Week 33 - Easier access to current and upcoming rituals 🗓

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Shared by Florian • September 14, 2023

We have made a series of improvements to help users access upcoming rituals.

Due rituals are now clearly highlighted in a blue box at the top of your workspace.

If you want to visualize upcoming rituals for the coming weeks, you can load them by clicking the “Upcoming rituals” button at the top of your workspace.

Other improvements:

  • Next meeting dates can now be moved to today in ritual settings
  • Ritual titles are now clickable to ease access to ritual settings
  • Fixed a bug regarding “new answers” notification in the left menu
  • Fixed a bug which was placing ritual on Saturdays or Sundays

If you’d like to know what we’re building next, check our product roadmap.

The Popwork team 🤟