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Week 02 - New dashboard on management practices ๐Ÿ“Š

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Shared by Florian โ€ข January 15, 2024

This week we have enriched the company dashboard with a brand new tab on management practices.

Admins now have visibility on the number of 1:1 meetings completed by team members and feedback given by managers.

They can also drill down their organization visualizing metrics for their overall company, specific teams or individuals. Colors are here to help users quickly visualize where issues are:

  • Bad = < 0.5 / month (light red)
  • Average โ‰ฅ 0.5 / month (light green)
  • Good โ‰ฅ 1.0 / month (green)

Finally, Admins benefit from proactive alerts on management practices as they have access to a list of team members not completing any 1:1 meetings with their managers.

This new set of management indicators will help companies roll-out and monitor management practices across their organization. More insights on objectives will be added in the course of January. Stay tuned!

Other improvements:

  • Added a visual confirmation in company settings that the Company template has been edited
  • Fixed a bug on sorting of archived objectives, now sorted by archive date rather than due date
  • Modified the wording of โ€œread-onlyโ€ access for โ€œguestโ€ access
  • Fixed an issue with guest workspaces still showing in the menu after they were archived

If youโ€™d like to know what weโ€™re building next, check our product roadmap.

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