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Week 05 - Monthly report on company management indicators πŸ“¨

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Shared by Florian β€’ February 08, 2024

Every start of the month, Popwork Admins now receive a snapshot of their company key management indicators straight in their mailbox.

They get an overview of mood and workload levels as well as the number of one-to-one meetings completed over the past month.

To dig further, Admins can open their full company dashboard where they can browse across teams, understand the evolutions of these indicators and get alerts on employees at risk.

We also fixed a few calculations regarding:

  • the average calculation of feedbacks
  • the number of people within each perimeter
  • the consolidated score at company level

Other improvements

  • Adjusted the scale of the evolution chart which was sometimes truncated
  • Reduced the loading time of perimeter breakdown in the company dashboard
  • Fixed issues with notifications not displaying properly in the team dashboard
  • Fixed the company dashboard menu which was not responding on mobile
  • Fixed a bug on ritual due date still showing while answers were shared

If you’d like to know what we’re building next, check our product roadmap.

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