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Week 06 - Advanced analytics for Managers on their own perimeter 📊

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Shared by Florian • February 08, 2024

New dashboard for managers

Managers now have access to a brand new dashboard providing them visibility on their own perimeter, that is to say their direct reports and everyone under them

The same way, Admins can do it at company level, Managers can drill down their own org chart and visualize key metrics on mood and workload as well as the number of 1:1 meetings completed by team members and feedback given by managers.

This will help Managers to monitor and understand the evolutions of these key metrics for their own perimeter and get alerts on people at risk.

Improvements to the user admin console

We also did a series of improvements to make user management on Popwork more straightforward.

From their settings, Admins are now clearly notified with a red callout when there is an “action required” on specific users. A required action can be assigning the user a role, giving them a manager or simply deleting them.

Admins can also filter users by role (manager, team member, admin) or search users with our search bar

Finally, we have improved the Admin workflow to create users.

Other improvements:

  • Added a quick reaction “🔥 In progress” to help teams flag items currently being handled
  • Fixed a visual glitch with the help button in the manager onboarding
  • Fixed an issue with the drawer when editing a question

If you’d like to know what we’re building next, check our product roadmap.

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