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Week 08 - Mood and workload insights at individual level 📊

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Shared by Florian • March 12, 2024

Admins now have access to mood and workload insights and their evolution at individual level. This is particularly helpful to understand the trend behind mood and workload scores.

However, please note that detailed answers remain only visible by the manager and team member themselves to preserve trust and confidentiality.

Other improvements:

  • Replaced the tag “🥵Very busy” by “🥵 Complicated” in the mood question to avoid the overlap with the workload question
  • Fixed the text area auto-expand on the mood and workload question
  • Added a "All done" status in the manager's notification area
  • Fixed a bug enabling team members to send a reminder to themselves
  • Added a button to access deleted users from the Users & roles settings
  • Added an error message for Admins trying to delete themselves
  • Removed error message when deleting managers
  • Added a pay wall for suspended accounts because of payment issues
  • Fixed a small bug with the feedback area going into draft mode with no reason

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