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Week 13 - Improved dashboard navigation πŸ“Š

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Shared by Florian β€’ April 03, 2024

We just shipped several improvements to make the dashboard easier to access, use and understand.

Managers and Admins can now visualize the indicators across their teams or the whole company from the same dashboard, using the shortcuts My teams or All teams.

We also made it easier to navigate within the org chart and to access the 3 tabs of the dashboard (engagement, management and performance indicators).

Finally, we also made the visual difference between Teams and Individuals easier to see to help analyse the dashboard metrics more intuitively.

Other improvements:

  • Fixed a bug on the display of individual indicators from the dashboard not loading
  • Fixed a bug on the display of management practices charts not loading
  • Improved the responsiveness of workspaces menu on mobile
  • Fixed an issue preventing objectives to be viewed without refreshing the page when added from the workspace
  • In Users & roles settings, made the user for which an action is required clearer

If you’d like to know what we’re building next, check our product roadmap.

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