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Week 14 - Answer rituals in succession and improved company settings ⚡️

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Shared by Florian • April 03, 2024

1) Suggest team members to answers upcoming rituals in succession

When a team member shares their answers in preparation of an upcoming 1:1 meeting, it’s a great opportunity to also take a few minutes to update their objectives.

If they have upcoming rituals to complete, team members are now invited to complete them in succession.

2) Improved company settings

We have reworked the layout of management ritual settings to make it easier for Admins to understand how the Popwork rituals work and edit rituals questions or frequency.

Admins can now find an explanatory video and text for each ritual, making it easy to visualize the employee and manager experience on Popwork.

3) Other improvements

We improved how our rituals' monthly frequency works. We now make sure that rituals repeat on the right week as defined by the manager when setting it up.

In practice, the week number is what defines when the ritual will repeat.

For example, if the manager sets the ritual for the second Tuesday of the month, it will always happen on the second Tuesday of the month.

Another example: if the manager chooses to set the ritual for the last Thursday of the month, the ritual will always repeat on the last Thursday regardless if the month has 4 or 5 weeks.

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