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Week 15 - Track objectives progress with key results 🎯

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Shared by Florian • April 11, 2024

You can now add key results to objectives and track progress in a more quantitative manner. Key results are used to define the measurement of the success of an objective and help teams with OKRs to track progress more efficiently.

The status update workflow by team members remains the same, but now includes a progress update on key results. Team members are invited, at the frequency defined by the manager, to reflect on the overall status of the objective and the progress of key results.

Key results are optional and can be added at any time on an objective, simply go to the Objectives tab > Add an objective > Add a key result. From there you will be able to define the key result and add a success metric in percentage or absolute value.

Other improvements:

  • Fixed wording inconsistencies in the drawer showing individual indicators
  • Removed users with no managers from dashboard alerts
  • Fixed an inconsistency in the count of people with a selected perimeter
  • Show action items assigned to self only “My action items” section

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