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Week 37 - New objectives indicators in the dashboard and more 🎯

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Shared by Florian • September 14, 2023

We doubled down on the objectives module following a first upgrade at the end of July to make objectives easier to track!

1) New objectives indicators

Admin and managers now have indicators in their dashboard to quickly (i) see how many team members have objectives, and (ii) what is the status of objectives in their organization or team

2) Simplified workflow to archive objectives

An objective can now be archived in one click. You will be able to record the level of attainment on a goal attainment scale. Archived objectives can be accessed in the “Archived objectives” tab.

3) Comments on objectives

Comments are now available on objectives status updates to help users follow up directly in Popwork.

If you’d like to know what we’re building next, check our product roadmap.

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